AI PATCHES (1.0+ only unless stated otherwise, can work in 1.1 at a 4:3 resolution with OpenGL; WILL NOT WORK IN WINMUGEN AT ALL even if the character itself is WinMUGEN)

Here are some AI patches of varying difficulty (and quality; these are admittedly rough around the edges) I've been making since September of 2016. New releases of the month are in bold.

I decided to re-instate the ratings, but I won't put them all up until after I get around to properly evaluating them all and settle on a design I want. I devised a new system to help me gague approximate power levels: by testing them against a sample pool of characters based on their success/failure rates. This is going to make some of the readme files (if there are any) outdated. Even with this testing, the ratings are still subjective, as they can lose to lower level characters but beat higher level characters.

NO REQUESTS. I already have enough projects to work on without people asking me to make AI for characters, plus I want to do something besides AI patches eventually. I can't be your personal AI factory even if I want to. Especially not when I have at least 40 characters I'd like to give a brain to. Besides, I'd rather not let you down if the character you want is one I can't understand well.

Also let me know if any of the links go down. I can't help much if the link is blocked in your country (and if your government restricts access to such content, then not getting that MUGEN character should be the least of your worries at this point), but I will mirror characters only if they're offline or if it's an absolute pain to download from ( sites, third-rate cyberlockers, Baidu when the stars aren't lined up properly (though they have been cooperative for the most part lately), etc.)

You can use these for whatever you like and even rehost them (as long as it's not tucked behind a paywall, and remember to keep up with the updates, if any). No need to give credit if you're using them, but don't outright claim you made these.

As of December 2017, I decided to sort these (at least the recent ones) by date of completion (the older ones remain in alphabetical order until I decide to update them at some point).

Portrait Name Author Patch DL Character DL Rating/Basic Summary Release Date First Completed Last Modified Extra Notes/Commentary/Jokes
Gyarados minoo Dropbox Author's OneDrive A big, powerful, aggressive fighter. 2018-03-25 2018-03-25 2018-03-25
SCWU Doraemon Valgallah Dropbox Author's Site Boss-like character. A jack of all trades, but likes to zone. Watch out for that auto-revive (though he needs at least 3000 power to carry it out). 2018-01-25 2017-12-31 2018-01-25 I also recommend Holn's AI (2018/03/31). Roughly the same tier of power. Mine is more of a power zoner, while Holn's is more combo-based and has more variety. It's hard to tell which one is actually stronger; it really depends on the opponent.
FL_MUGEN HANBAHAN Dropbox JMH (HANBAHAN Tag) A short, aggressive creature that may cause seizures. 2018-01-15 2018-01-04 2018-01-04 POSSIBLE RELATIVE?
DARINKU Ganva Dropbox Author's Onedrive Weird parody of Link that likes to take a few risks. 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 2017-12-31
Clite Exclamation_Question Dropbox Author's Site Guile totally ripped this guy off 2017-12-31 2016-09-25 2017-12-31 Uh huh huh huh, hey Beavis...
Vanilla Ice CPU/Boss Vanilla Ice Nimame Dropbox Author's Blog Kind of like fighting him in the actual game, I guess. Has regen + starts with full meter in 7-12P. 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 2017-12-31 YO, I'M LIKE THE WHITE BATMAN!
Ickybod Clay LordShade67 Dropbox MFG Thread Rather spooky and brutal. 2017-12-31 2016-10-15 2017-12-29
Jack (CF2) LordShade67 Dropbox MFG Thread He's pretty hungry and likes to bite. 2017-12-31 2017-12-29 2017-12-29
Octohead LordShade67 Dropbox MFG Thread An aggressive breakdancer. 2017-12-31 2017-12-29 2017-12-29
Bonker the Clown LordShade67 Dropbox MFG Thread The lovechild of Sagat and Buffo the Clown. 2017-12-31 2017-12-28 2017-12-28
Magician (DKPN) AnkokuNaitou Dropbox Author's OneDrive It's what happens when you put a magic user from an RPG in a fighting game. 2017-12-31 2017-12-28 2017-12-28
Ai (ANESAN) Hanyu-Maru Dropbox Author's OneDrive Tough biker chick with some scary faces. 2017-12-31 2017-12-28 2017-12-28
Angus 119way Dropbox Author's Blog Tough Scottish brawler from a parallel universe from Kasumi Ninja. Traded his sword and crotch fireballs for drinks and I-frames. 2017-12-31 2017-12-27 2017-12-27
Zen (MC) NGI Dropbox Author's OneDrive Big kabuki warrior who likes to slap people with fans pretty hard. 2017-12-31 2017-12-27 2017-12-27
totemotuyotaru Masukenpu-kun Dropbox Author's Site Like watching a slapstick comedy gone horribly wrong. 2017-12-31 2017-12-25 2017-12-25
Ryu Kang Exclamation_Question Dropbox Author's Site Less Ryu, more Kang. 2017-12-31 2016-09-25 2017-12-25
MAD Kinopio S.SADA Dropbox Hosted (offline) Pretty nasty and will burn you. Beware the even more dangerous 12P. 2017/12/22 2017/12/22 2017/12/22 You have been warned.
Albert Roseman Hanyu-Maru
Author's OneDrive Boxer who was Dudley before Dudley. 2017-01-05 2016-10-30 2016-10-30 Will need to update to match latest version.
Angry Ninja Basara-kun
Author's Site A Mortal Kombat parody that crosses over with another famous franchise. 2017-01-24 2017-01-24 2017-01-24 Includes minor bug fix (Level 3 Super: -2000 power -> -3000 power).
Ark (Terranigma) AnkokuNaitou Dropbox Author's OneDrive Basically what happens when you actually use magic. 2017-07-21 2017-07-21 2017-07-22 For some reason this music was playing in my head the whole time.
Axe PQ Ryon
Author's OneDrive 2017-01-05 2016-10-24 2016-10-25
Biped AlphA
Author's site 2017-04-22 2017-04-22 2017-04-22 Includes (rough) .air + .sff modifications/fixes
Byakki Websta
MFG Thread

Dropbox (hosted)
2017-01-05 2016-11-18 2016-11-18
Cecil Harvey AnkokuNaitou
Author's OneDrive A small defensive fighter with sword combos. 2016-12-05 2016-10-11 2016-12-03
DQ2 sylphyne
Author's Site

Dropbox (hosted)
Small hitboxes, plenty of swordplay, and plenty of magic. 2016-12-05 2016-11-22 2016-11-22
Frosty Ninja Basara-kun
Author's Site Sub-Zero parody with plenty of variety. 2017-01-24 2017-01-24 2017-01-24
(Rare) Gregorious:NMKY googoo64
Author's Site
(link to file in case you can't navigate the site for some reason)
In case the Village People weren't Finnish enough, or the original Gregorius "AI" is too potato for your liking. 2017-04-30 2017-04-30 2017-04-30 Yes, I made an AI for a googoo, because I got nothing to lose.
joker_SF (Super Fighter, NOT Street Fighter) NGI
Author's OneDrive A lot of somersaults for a fat man. Also some risky weaponized blood. 2016-12-06 2016-09-22 2016-12-06
Kagetsura Websta
MFG Thread
Sendspace (Original))
2017-01-05 2016-11-20 2016-11-20
Keiji Thomas Basara-kun
Author's Site Basic yet hard-hitting melee fighter. 2016-12-06 2016-09-19 2016-12-06
Kikugoro Hanyu-Maru
Author's OneDrive 2017-01-05 2016-11-15 2016-11-22
Lunatone nadagetsu
Author's OneDrive MOVES: Tackle, Rock Throw, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Hyper Beam... wait, FIVE moves? 2017-06-04 2017-06-04 2014-06-04
Mario SMB1 Basara-kun
Author's Site Likes to jump and shoot fireballs, just like the real Mario. 2017-01-05 2016-12-31 2016-12-31
Marufoi/○foi mas2
Axfc (original link) 2017-01-04 2017-01-04 2017-04-06 Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...
Matsumura Karate MASA@DAS
Dropbox (hosted) Hits hard and fat fast. Can't block and can get knocked around easily, but compensates with plenty of I-frames and some healing. 2017-03-04 2017-03-04 2017-03-04 1.1 only
Max PQ Ryon
Author's OneDrive 2017-01-05 2016-10-25 2016-10-26
Michael Sobut envymask666
Author's Blog An electrifying grappler who likes to rock out. 2016-12-05 2016-09-13 2016-12-03
Mister X Basara-kun
Author's Site Similar to Keiji Thomas, except with projectiles, assists, and more of a glass cannon. 2016-12-06 2016-09-19 2016-09-19
Mr Bater Nyan☆Kiryu
Dropbox mirror A typical Shoto, except more of a jerk 2016-12-05 2016-09-13 2016-09-13 WARNING: Contains more bird-flipping than a Stone Cold Steve Austin match.
Raval Bane84
Author's Site Basically if an AI controlled Raval actually did something. 2017-05-31 2017-05-13 2017-05-13 Shrunk him down enough so he could actually hit somebody. Might also need more polish, optimization, or even editing, but I had to release SOMETHING this month.
Reggie Skatore MelvanaInChains
Author's Site 2017-01-04 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 Character ver September 21, 2015
Reiji Oyama (PI1) Basara-kun
Author's Site 2017-06-19 2017-06-16 2017-06-17
Ryumaou Hanyu-maru
Author's OneDrive 2016-12-05 2016-09-29 2016-12-03 Will need to update to match latest version.
S.P.O. Ryu Rikard

Dropbox (hosted)
Basically Ryu after way too many bad life decisions. 2017-03-08 2017-03-08 2017-03-08
Sniper Joe Basara-kun
Author's Site Likes to shoot and jump. Also calls his brothers. 2016-12-05 2016-09-26 2016-09-26 2x scale, which makes it slightly more fair (easier to hit), but it also comes with a few advantages of its own.
Speed PQ Ryon
Author's OneDrive 2017-01-05 2016-10-25 2016-10-25
Tetris/Tetromino Basara-kun
Author's Site Like your standard shoto, but smaller, more aggressive, and lacking projectiles. 2017-01-05 2016-09-13 2016-09-18
X-Aestivalis Hanyu-maru
Author's OneDrive 2017-03-21 2017-03-21 2017-03-21 OTHER AIs: Papitto's AI (X-エステバリス改変AIパッチ

WIPs (AI patches, no DLs). If you're working on yours as well, you might as well get yours done too. I'm doing this to point out what AIs I might push out next, not to "claim" a potato to AI patch. After all, we may have different philosophies, directions, etc. on what the character should do when the AI is in control.

Portrait Name Author Status To do
Damian Shade Hanyu-maru Beta Test and polish, make him stop doing moves when I don't want him to do them.
Ebisumaru REDWAVE.s.t Beta Polish the combos, decide whether I want him to be more combo heavy or more zoning-based

HOSTED (rare, offline items). NOTE: those already listed as hosted in the AI patch segment don't count and won't be listed in this table.

Portrait Name Author Type of Content DL Notes/Commentary/Jokes
nothing yet

Special thanks to Romeotantan's and Seravy's AI guides, which provided me with the majority of knowledge needed in making these. Also special thanks to all the creators of the characters as well as the creators of the sources of said characters.

ADDED: Cecil Harvey, DQ2, Ickybod Clay, joker_SF, Keiji Thomas, Michael Sobut, Mister X, Mr Bater, Ryumaou, Sniper Joe.
ADDED: Albert Roseman, Angry Ninja, Axe PQ, Byakki, Frosty Ninja, Kagetsura, Kikugoro, Mario SMB1, Marufoi, Max PQ, Reggie Skatore, Speed PQ, Tetris/Tetromino.
2017-03-XX (nothing on February, pardon the dry spell)
ADDED: Matsumura Karate, S.P.O. Ryu, X-Aestivalis
ADDED: Biped, Gregorious:NMKY
UPDATED: Marufoi
ADDED: Raval
ADDED: Lunatone, Reiji Oyama (PI1)
ADDED: Ark(Terranigma)
ADDED: Mad Kinopio, Ryu Kang, totemotuyotaru, Zen (MC), Angus (119way), Ai (ANESAN), Magician (DKPN), Bonker the Clown, Octohead, Jack (CF2), Vanilla Ice (Boss), Clite, SCWU Doraemon, DARINKU
UPDATED: Ickybod Clay
ADDED: Gyarados