DAY ≤ 0

This year is different in that I'm doing a "Forbidden Run." What's a forbidden run?

Your guess is as good as mine. So anyway, I decided to pre-register this year and combine this new mystery mode with Berserker Risk.

Oh no, I got the Thief again. This run's already cursed. Most cursed thing I've seen all month that isn't tied to a bad Internet regulation, a nightmare, or the weird and/or scary games that usually get featured on Vinesauce Sunday streams. The theme for 2014 was through the eyes of a Twitch Stream Monster, the joke behind the 2017 writeup that I haven't uploaded yet is that it's over a year late and going to be rushed and generic. Since I've been exposed to cursed imagery over the course of the year moreso than usual, I guess this will be the theme. Expect many typos, and just about anything else this year. Will I vanquish my foes, or will Garula steamroll me (and potentially the fabric of reality itself) again?

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