UPDATE: As of 2016, someone else has taken that Twitter handle. I only got one for the sake of this event (and to retweet random Saltybet tourney victories). Go to @SOTS_EBOOKS instead (or don't, if you're easily offended, but who cares? Nobody's going to read it, I rarely use it, and Twitter sucks anyway.). That's the one you want.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT ME. DO NOT BOTHER THIS PERSON. Besides, he protected his account anyway, so it's not like you really can.

I decided to do a Four Job Fiesta this year. I wanted to do one last year but never got around to it. I'm using the Playstation version because of nostalgia, I actually have this version, and to laugh at the questionably translated enemy names. Keep in mind that this is merely a compilation of progress and highlights of my attempt, so I'll just gloss over most of the plot. Look up a Let's Play if you want a plot summary, or better yet, play it yourself (you should, it's one of the series' best). You got plenty of options to work with. It's filled with Twitch memes, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

My Four Job Fiesta: Stream Monster's Point of View Edition
Chapter 01: Beginning to Walse (Wind Crystal Job: Thief)
Chapter 02: Walse Tower to Karnak Castle (Water Crystal Job: Time Mage)
Chapter 03: Library of Ancients to Catapult (Fire Crystal Job: Ranger)
Chapter 04: Ronka Ruins to end of Bartz's World (Earth Crystal Job: Chemist)
Chapter 05: Tent Island to the Gill's Cave
Chapter 06: Surgate Castle to Moore Village
Chapter 07: Moore Forest to X-Death's Castle (end of Galuf's World)
Chapter 08: Beginning of Merged World to Mellusion
Chapter 09: Island Shrine to Fork Tower
Chapter 10: Great Sea Trench to Easterly Falls
Chapter 11: N-Zone (FINAL)

I've done some more, but I haven't done any writeups yet. When I get around to it (if I actually do), I'll just put up some highlights or new experiences instead of full-blown text LPs. I'd rather not bore you with "I hammered at Wing Raptor before it could even close its wings" over a dozen times or "My all-thief party struggled with Garula" yet again.